The mission of Clara MohammedSchool is to provide an education based on Qur'anic principles and their universal application.  Our goal is to teach all students to accept their G'd given responsibilities and full potential, as we provide a nurturing environment that engages students in discovery and critical thinking.  We strive to develop a cooperative partnership among students, family and community of enlightened leaders and effective global citizens.  


  • To cultivate in our students the conscious awareness of Allah's reality and oneness (Tauhid)

  • To encourage G'd consciousness and regardfulness (Taqwa) and to nurture Islamic character development based upon Qur'anic principles and the example of Phophet Muhammad (PBUH)

  • To recognize and cultivate each student's exceptional nature into the excellence of his/her G'd-given potential

  • To develop students' awareness of their roles and responsibility as guardian/protector (Khalifah) of the earth's material and human resources

  • To inspire students to understand that all knowledge and science is from All the Most High, and is reflected in ever facet of creation

  • To enhance appreciation and respect for people of all cultures and backgrounds as one human family, and African-American experiences as significant developments in global history and destiny

  • To develop an appreciation for the value of religion in human life and for Al-Islam as a total system of life for man and society